IT Consulting Services


IT project management is the process of planning, organizing, and delineating responsibility for the completion of an organizations’ specific information technology goals.

Managing an IT project can be an incredibly daunting task for an organization of any size.  

Whether your project is large or small let NETIT take the edge off and tackle your organization’s IT needs.


Having downtime in a business is wasted time and resources. Whether downtime is the result of natural disasters, software failure, human error, or hardware failure, it’s time where you’re not serving customers, making money, or achieving business initiatives. Many businesses do not have a process in place to help them bounce back from a lengthy downtime. Dealing with downtime inefficiently can lead to a long recovery, causing delays in business and resulting in a loss of productivity.

Let NETIT help mitigate the risk of downtime in your environment today!


The top concern for businesses today is data security. If your data is not secure, your business can fail.  You want to ensure that you take every step possible to prevent a hack, breach, or cyber event at your company.  Taking those steps is often confusing because of the myriad of options. NETIT’s cyber security management and cyber security education and training solutions will simplify the data security maze and guide you on your path to comprehensive data security.

Let NETIT work its magic and be the remedy for that migraine!

Telecommunication services are the backbone of modern business.  Technology continues to evlove along with the needs of your business.  Frankly, telecom services can be every bit as complicated as the technology involved!  Whether you need internet, voice, or mobile device management, we’ve got options for you.  

Tag in NETIT’s experts to do the work for you so you can get back to what’s most important.


Do you need productivity software for your employees?  Things are not as simple as they once were. Every business has a different need.  And these days we need solutions on our computers as well as our phones, tablets, etc.  G Suite or Office 365?  Business Basic or Enterprise?    

Let NETIT providing a guiding hand and get your organization working efficiently.

Are you in need of a camera system for your building?  Do you need access control for doors and gates?  We partner with security vendors all over the nation in order to bring you the security and peace of mind that you deserve.

We offer a full building security suite including access control, cameras, analytics, and more.

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