Production Services


Do you like humorous and original ideas?  Well that’s what you’ll get with NETIT.

At NETIT we understand the importance of having your business stand out from the rest of the industry.  We work to take your existing ideas and bring them to life.  

Need something drawn up from scratch?  Well let’s just say this is where we thrive.  At NETIT our gurus live for this stuff.  Take a load off and let NETIT’s gurus handle the hard stuff.

At NETIT we believe in being as transparent as possible.  Put simply: we charge you for our time.  At NETIT you will never get a hidden charge or fee.  You will never be billed for anything other than the time we put into your project.  

That’s it.  That’s the entire story here.  


NETIT can produce all sorts of videos for your business.  And one of the most popular choices are training videos.  Where many other agencies fall a little flat, our experts at NETIT excel in bringing all your projects to life.  Whether you want additional content to be added to your portfolio or something original we can do it all.  

Advertising.  The final frontier.  Whether you need a decked out commercial or short clips for your YouTube page we pretty much do it all.  

With NETIT’s experts on the job, your advertising project will get the personal and creative touch unique to NETIT.  Your staff will oooh and aaaah and your competitors will wonder why they didn’t think of that first.  



Drones are cool.  We said it.  Moreover, they provide an excellent option to many companies attempting to catch footage you just can’t get otherwise.  


The truth is we’re nerds.  And nerds love gadgets.  

A quality project is far from complete without quality audio.  NETIT understands this and has stellar producers ready for the task.

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