We have a simple mission, advance the lives of people and enable businesses through the delivery of best-in-class solutions.  It’s working.  Our network, capabilities and sales have grown exponentially each year.  We have seen mentorships, witnessed professional growth, realized trust and developed friendships.  What comes next is up to you, we are better together, it’s how we all thrive.

Nextiva was founded in 2006 on the premise of Amazing Service.  From the personalized onboarding and implementation support to our engineers that maintain our scalable network, every customer benefits from our obsessive focus on delivering a superior experience.

Nextiva does more than VoIP.   It has become the ultimate business communications platform that brings teams and customers closer.  Nextiva gives small businesses and enterprises a competitive advantage with virtual workspaces, video conferencing, mobile apps, and a scalable cloud PBX.

You get more than just a dial tone; you get peace of mind.  Over 1,000 team members are driven to provide you with the best customer service you won’t find anywhere else.

We help buyers, sellers and investors through each step of the real estate process.  Let us assist you in making an informed decision in today’s market.  So if you are thinking about buying, selling or both, give us a call.  We’d love to help you navigate this crazy market!

Margaret Ibrahim

Since 1992, our commitment to customer service has established us as a leader in the field for the sales and maintenance of Multi-Function and Laser Printers, Scanners and Managed Print Services.  As a locally owned and operated business we take your needs seriously and it shows.

We believe the most important part of what we do is what comes after the sale.  Our sales consultants will help you through every step of the process and remain your go to contact ensuring your satisfaction for years to come offering unparalleled service and support.

Meghan Pogue

Living with pain costs you precious time and lost productivity in life.  That’s why our doctors waste no time in diagnosing and treating your pain.

Our motto is ‘No Nonsense Pain Relief.’  That means we intend to relieve your pain as quickly as possible and with the least number of visits.  It’s why we enjoy our great reputation.

6021 Fairmont Pkwy, Suite 250
Pasadena, TX 77505

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